Vegan Weight lifting

I will keep an updated blog on the affects of vegan-ism on weight lifting. I will include updates on my measurements and weight.

So, i am done my experiment, there is nothing really more for me to post here, except for me weight.  I weighed in at 170 pounds on Jan 31.  I gained around 15 pounds on weighted dips, but after doing them, i had no energy to do any other workouts.  I was extremely tired.  within 4 days of eating meat, i was able to do a 5x5 of bench, and 5x5 of pullups.  I lost overall of 3 pounds of fat, i hope that i gained some muscle.  This month was not exactly how i planned, i really hoped i was able to squat, but with my torn fascia in my back, it just didnt workout.  So i probably didnt lose as much as possible because i wasnt able to workout at full strength.  I will probably not be posting much more on this account, because the experiment is over. Thank you all for reading and following.  I wish you the best of luck, whether it is being vegan or working out.  I definitely respect all of you more.  And once again, thank you.


So, i have finished my 1 month of being vegan, so lets recap.  

Did i enjoy it?  Yes, i really did like the change in perspective that i got from becoming vegan, really helpful in my mind

Did i gain strength?  No, i did not, it was very hard to workout while being a vegan.  I would fail my 5x5, the protein powder was 3X as expensive, most protein all contained fat, eg) peanut butter

Was it easy?  No, for a beginner, it was definitely a challenge, i enjoyed the challenge though, taught me to expand the things that i usually eat.  

Am i going to stay vegan?  No, its just not practical for me.  Going out to eat so often with others, it is a real pain making them try to find a place that i can eat, it really puts a strain on everyone, i just cannot do it.   I also enjoy eating meat, it still tastes good, i never did it because i was against eating meat.

Am i going to hold onto some values? For sure, i will definitely try to eat more veggies now, and i really do feel healthier, but i need to find a happy medium between it


So, I tried making crepes the past few days, AND THEY ARE SO GOOD!  I just used my old recipe and substituted for vegan ingredients.  My recipe called for 2 eggs in a liquid measure, add milk to measure to 2 cups (milk + eggs= 2 cups liquid) then add 1 cup of flour and you have made crepe batter.  I switched it up to egg substitute, so 2 tbsp. of egg substitute and 6tbsp. of water.  Almond milk instead of cow milk.  and kept flour the same.  I made that the first day, and added home made peach jam.  I really enjoyed it, I have not had baked food in a long time, so it was a welcome treat. They were so good, I decided to make them the next day, this time with some tweaks.  I added a bit of sugar to the batter, to make the crepe a bit sweeter, and I also added some oats, flax seed, and skinny B ( This was really good. It came out awesome, it wasn’t just a normal crepe, it had a bit of depth to it.  The crepe had more array of flavours from the flax and the skinny B, it added a bit more texture, and tasted awesome.  I did not measure specifically what it was in each amount, but I would guess 3/4 cup flour, 1/4 cup oats, >1/4 cup sugar, 2.5 tbsp flax seed.  I also added more milk to the recipe to compensate for the extra dry ingredients.  I would highly recommend these. 

Long time.

Sorry, I’ve been a bit busy with school lately.  SO! updates:  I still have my weight around the same point, 168-169 depending upon my hydration level.  I still want to lose a bit more, gotta get them abs by summer.  I did complete my 5x5 dip with 55 pounds, so I am moving on up to 60 :)  I got some almond milk, and some egg replacement, so I can start to bake some more things now, and feel a bit more like a regular person.  I did notice that most vegan food is a lot more expensive than regular products.  It does cost a bit more to be vegan then it does to buy every day products :/


Failed my 5x5 dips today, 5X5X4X5X4, gonna stay at 55 pounds then next time.  Ended with a vanilla coconut protein shake.  Later I’m going to go and eat some nice vegan sushi :D


Gained a pound.  Lets just call it a pound of muscle shall we?  Weights are still increasing, which is still on track for my goals.  My back is feeling 100X better, so Ihope to be squating by the end of the month, then I can really see my fat melt.

My weight.

Weighed in today before my workout at 169.80, so I have lost 4 pounds since last week.  That is quite amazing, I don’t have an extreme amount of fat on my body, and 4 pounds is a number that I am very happy with while my weights are still improving :D


Went to the gym today, I have found it a little harder to get every rep out when doing my 5x5, but overall, I DO NOT see any difference between being vegan and being an omnivore.  I am still completing my 5x5’s and I am still moving up in weights.  Since last week my dips have increased 10 pounds (2 successful 5x5 sets)  and I am planning on increasing the weights next gym day.  My pullups are also feeling better, I’m not quite confident enough to add weight to them yet, but they are becoming easier.  

Weigh in

Yesterday I weighed in at my gym at 171.80 pounds, down 2 pounds since last time :)

Veggie meat

Had some veggie/soy meat tonight with a side of rice and a stir fry.  It tastes a little different and has a bit of a different texture, but it was all right.  I don’t know if I would have it again, but it was a nice easement into the whole vegan lifestyle. 

Coconut milk.

I recently got some low fat (72% reduced fat) coconut milk to add to my protein shake, and WOW! do they ever make a difference, the milk realllly makes it drinkable.  I would recommend coconut milk for anyone who finds their protein shakes lacking, it also goes great with other fruits in a smoothie :)

Weigh in

Today I was at the gym with my friends, and I remembered that I never weighed myself on the first because I was out all day.  So I hopped on the scale and weighted in at 172 pounds with jeans on.  Hoping to be around 165 by the end of January.


Made a stir fry tonight for dinner.  It tastes soooo good compared to the nothing I had for dinner because all of my friends decided to go to an all you can eat sushi place.  I stuck with being vegan though, sat through it painfully, but I made it.  The stir fry contains broccoli, carrots, onion, bean sprouts, baby corn, red pepper and a vegan schezsuan sauce. topped it all of with some nice rice, and I got a pretty nice meal going :)


Oatmeal: 1/2 cup of instant oats, 1/4 cup of raisins, pinch of cinnamon. 

Toast: 1 slice of sunflower flax bread, ~5 tbsp. peanut butter.

Nutritional Facts:

Calories: ~820 (a lot come from peanut butter)

Carbs: ~80g 

Protein: ~20g

So this will probably be my breakfast most mornings from now on.  I might throw in some different fruits depending on what I have in the house, but this will be the core of my morning meal.  It tastes good, and is easy to prepare when I have to get out of the house early.